Africa Prebrief is looking for individuals with experience in the following areas:

- Institutional Sales Representative.

Responsibilities & Qualification: Sales of annual subscriptions to Africa weekly newsletter and premium 'Capital Markets and Company Watch' service covering African economies and capital markets.  Lead generation and prospecting institutional investors, corporations, universities and ‘think tanks,’ with emerging interests and/or existing presence in Africa.  Sales field jurisdiction will be based upon languages spoken and sales expertise. Past experience in research and information product sales is a plus.

- Small and Medium Size Business (SME)/Capital Markets Briefer.

Responsibilities & Qualification: Research news impacting small business and Africa's publicly-traded firms.  Making contact with leading entrepreneurs, business executives and capital market analysts. Providing brief updates and commentary in real time and on weekly basis on latest trends and developments. Ability to analyze the impact of government macro-policy on business prospects and capital markets, and ability to perform periodic technical analysis and financial statement review are a plus. Past experience as journalist, broker, researcher or analyst is a must.

* Interested parties should send Resume/CV with references to jobs(at)