AfricaPreBrief’s Company Watch and Capital Markets Service
Capital Markets and Company Watch is Africa PreBrief’s extensive service dedicated to covering companies listed on Africa’s leading stock exchanges; geopolitical events, political developments, the evolution of commercial societies across the continent; and the next prospects to go public - the Small and Medium Sized (SMEs) enterprise sector.
The service features:
APB 20 Index:  A proprietary index of 20 leading companies on 5 different exchanges - a barometer of continental wide economic performance.
Company Watch Sheet (Premium Version): Expanding upon the Africa Prebrief newsletter, publicly-traded African-based companies are highlighted and reviewed each month.
Real Time E-Mail Briefs: In response to current events and news impacting companies and markets - in real time - we offer an opinion with supporting evidence – whether financial information, intelligence, or lesser known cultural variables and political insight.  Short and sweet, we answer clearly 3 questions: Is the report credible? Do we agree? What is its actual/likely impact?
Entrepreneurial and SME Outlook: Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are the engine producing the majority of employment and determining the rate of economic development and growth in Africa. Micro and small businesses are the crop from which the next publicly traded companies will come. We periodically focus on the business climate, cultural realities, and the impact that macro policies have on this reality and the entrepreneurs and companies to watch.
Conference Calls: Capital Markets and Company Watch clients are provided regular phone access to discuss the APB 20 Index, premium Company Watch sheet, briefs and the Entrepreneurial/SME outlook.
Client Visits: As needed APB provides in person presentations and overviews for direct engagement by institutional clients, their analysts and researchers.
If you are interested in becoming a client of this service please visit our contact us page: